Letters To The Editor: October 1983

El Paso Herald-Post

October 10, 1983


The situation surrounding the rock group Def Leppard has been blown out of proportion. Joe Elliott’s remark about El Paso was a mistake, but he should be given the benefit of the doubt.
Everybody makes mistakes and there is no one who can claim to never have uttered an ethnic slur, whether or not he is a public figure.
I have never met {LULAC district director} Joe Loya, but some of the statements he has made in the paper sound very childish and do not show the standard of maturity one would expect from the district director of an organization as big as LULAC.
As for the boycott of all Def Leppard albums, concerts, and the trip Elliott offered—to take two El Pasoans to Europe for a concert—the trip should be taken in the spirit that it was offered, graciously.
Elliott did not have to apologize or offer the trip. He could have ignored the situation and not done anything about it.
Speaking of racial slurs, the first article of Inside El Paso in the Oct. 1st Herald-Post, about the proposal to ban open containers of alcohol in vehicles, is, I think, more insulting to Hispanics because it comes from an Hispanic alderman, Alicia Chacon and the president of LULAC council, both of whom reside in this city.
So before deciding to condemn Elliott for a remark that was not intended as an insult, why doesn’t LULAC take care of the ethnic slurs made by its own people?

Barbara Settle,
El Paso

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