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In 1983 Def Leppard came to El Paso on their Pyromania tour. The show was great. Two days after the El Paso concert, they were in Arizona. During the concert, Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott wanted to arouse the fans, so he made a comment about El Paso. Elliott was explaining to the crowd how much better they were than El Pasoans, and that El Paso was “full of greasy Mexicans.”
Of course, El Paso went crazy about his comment. Mayor Johnathan Rogers wanted to boycott the band, even after he presented Def Leppard with the key to the city.
Elliott, of course, apologized. He tried to explain that the comment was just to arouse the fans, and he thought there would be no harm. The band even offered $10,000 to help the city’s homeless children, but as stubborn as some people are, the money was turned down.
Now, on a new tour, Hysteria, the band was to perform at University of Texas at El Paso’s Special Events Center. The tickets were selling well, until League of United Latin American Citizens and officials went haywire. Suddenly, some El Pasoans blew the whole subject out of proportion. People were calling UTEP with bomb threats. The hotel where the band was scheduled to stay was even threatened.
So the concert was canceled. The money that the band was going to bring in for the city and for UTEP will never be seen. Money was even lost by Rainbow Ticketmaster, who made and sold the tickets.
It is time that El Paso should apologize to the band and just forgive and forget. People do it every day.

Matthew Murphy,
El Paso 



I give my honest thanks to a few ignorant people of El Paso for not letting Def Leppard back into town.
I do agree that Joe Elliott, the lead singer, said a drastic insult on the Mexicans of El Paso, but he said he was sorry. What else can the man do? There is only so much a person can take, and I believe Elliott has suffered enough.
I am a 15 year-old Hispanic girl and a rock ‘n’ roll lover.  I, too, was angry, but I forgave Elliott because we are human and as humans make mistakes.
Now you just might think I am another one of those rebellious teens who does not know anything. At least I am not acting like an immature child who gets his thrills by calling radio stations and writing in school newspapers threatening the lead singer’s life.
I recall an incident that happened with Southern Methodist University was invited to the Sun Bowl. SMU called our city a “pitiful town” and then later apologized for the remark. Our mayor accepted this apology. Why did our mayor not even consider accepting Elliott’s apology?
I am really disappointed in the way El Paso handled this whole situation.

Denise Herrera,
El Paso

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